Play! is a poetic ode to the free play of children. The games they invent when they are on their own, when they feel free and create their own world. A world that often reflects their daily reality.


It shows children playing freely in three different areas: a rural (Iceland), urban (Brussels) and conflict zone (Palestine). As a triptych, which is presented as a three channel video installation, this work investigates how children use the space they have and everything that is in it. From wide open nature over a densely populated neighbourhood to a 'temporary' refugee camp: how do they take over these places with their games?

Play! is not only a homage to but also a plea for more free play in our overstructured society.

Lisa Matthys and Katrijn Geeraert are two Belgian artists based in Brussels. Their work uncovers the poetry in daily life by observing and depicting it from a wayward perspective with love for the absurd.



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